Good morning friends!

Today we’re going to get into a short blurb explaining to you why we do what we do. Why Dueck Builders tries to push sustainability through transparent contracts and cost-plus building.

First let’s tackle why we do cost-plus building. For me this is an easy one. Cost-plus building is the easiest and best way to promote a team-focused building experience. The builders know they are getting paid for the work they do, the clients know they’re getting honest pricing and value. For example I’ve had friends build a house and have been quoted $5,000 for an air conditioner unit. I know for a fact that they cost just over half of that. Cost-plus contracts eliminate any sort of uncertainty in the value of your selections both in equipment and in finishes. When this type of trust is established, both sides are more inclined to work as a team to build the best house at the best budget! No pressure to upsell you on anything, no pressure to haggle on “unfair” costing.

Second, why do we push sustainable building? This one gets a bit broader of a response. There are many reasons for that, and I’m not sure which one is the most pressing for me. Now more than ever there is a need for global recognition of human-unity. More than ever it’s important we realize we’re sharing this planet. Resources are limited and as we grow exponentially we need to find ways to live more sustainably to survive. I want to show my kids that sustainable building and living is something worth pushing for.

Secondly energy efficiency leads to more comfortable homes and at lower operating costs. Payback periods may be longer, but investing in a well insulated building shell allows for more disposable income over the life of the house. Not only more disposable income but a far more comfortable home to live in. You don’t experience drafts, or mold growth because you ensure the air exchange details and insulation details are done right.

Sustainable and energy efficient building is something we’re passionate about. Let’s conserve the resources we can, and maximize the usage of the rest of our available resources! We feel a social and ethical responsibility to ensure we’re not over-using resources now and for the rest of your home’s life! Come chat with us to learn why your next home should be a Dueck Home!