Hi everyone!


Today’s post came from the meme below.

You Can't Handle Building

I like the meme for two reasons. 1) It’s a meme, and memes are funny. They get me. Combining funny or expressive pictures with comedic sub-titles. What else do you need?! 2) It brings up a good point about home building. It can be stressful.

We have a lot of experience by this point building houses, doing renovations and the interactions that go on throughout the process. We’ve noticed a few things. 1) Our experience is valuable. There is a lot that goes on while building a house. Lots of little things go wrong, whether it’s scheduling conflicts, bureaucratic hold-ups, design questions/issues, or even quality control. It’s a lot more than just scheduling trades. We have seen all kinds of questions and issues, and have solutions for both! 2) It’s stressful. There are many decisions to make while building a house. What colour plumbing fixtures do you want, what size kitchen handles do you want, or do you want knobs? Cup pulls? Which way do you want your doors swinging? What colour walls, what kind of flooring? What kind of furnace? There are many questions that come with building a house, and this can cause friction in a house. 3) It’s fun. We really believe in having fun on our builds. We want to laugh with you, learn with you, get to know you. We really do like working together with our clients/teams. Seeing dreams come to life is a blast!

So with that brief summary we’d like to make one suggestion. Hire an interior designer. Even if you really know what colours and concepts you want to use in your house. They will be able to help simplify choices, and narrow the playing field. They will remind you of all the selections you need to make. We promise it will wind up saving you enough time and energy that it will more than pay the fee.

When looking for a designer, make sure you find one you get along with. One who gets you and one you feel you can talk to. We have a few that we’d recommend. Depending on your personality and design tastes, we’ll have a designer who will work for you. Come talk to us and explore ways to make home building easier and more fun!