Here’s a bunch of unsolicited free advice from the friendly staff at Dueck Homes. Not sure if you’ll find it helpful, humorous or just a waste of time. While I was framing, I thought I’d write down ideas or tips I though of through my chats with peers on site. So the following may not be scientifically proven, or even good ideas. But hopefully fun to read!

  1. Don’t fart in a snow-suit! For a while I was going to write a construction tips book. This would’ve been the title. They only have one way out. All out through the neck hole as you usually have gloves or boots on blocking other exits. Not a good idea.
  2. When your door starts to bind or rub an easy fix solution is to remove the bottom hinge from the jamb side, and put a short drywall screw into the jamb on the barrel side of the hinge to operate as an adjustable shim. Easier to adjust than cardboard!
  3. Budget! Don’t just “try to save” or stumble your way through life. There are simple to use excel spreadsheets out there available to help you budget. Take an hour or so every month and do your pocketbook a favor.
  4. Take time to breath. Focus on positive things. There’s always someone who has it better or worse than you. You are you and nobody’s better at that than you. Own it!
  5. Don’t take anything to seriously. You don’t get out alive, you can’t control everything that happens.
  6. Don’t be afraid to wear a sweater in the house in winter. If you can keep your house even one degree cooler you’ll see savings in your monthly heating bill of about 3% per degree. (Daily temperature changes (turn down 6 degrees when you’re gone) get a bit more complicated depending on your heating equipment).
  7. Please back into parking spaces. Much safer pulling out into traffic this way.
  8. Never joke with a kleptomaniac. They will take it, literally!
  9. Buy furnace filters in bulk and set a reminder on your phone to remember to change them on time. You’ll save on heating bills and furnace maintenance.
  10. Know your limits and value your time. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. In a day and age where people are getting more and more busy, remember to take time for friends and family.

Finally if these didn’t help, you can look at these bad life tips. But don’t actually try them. They are really bad tips.