Good afternoon friends,

Lately I’ve been working with a charitable organization in developing affordable housing here in Winnipeg. They’ve reminded me and got me thinking about the power of a home. Your home is your sense of safety, security and well-being. It’s where you let your guard down, relax, and reboot. 

Brick accent wall with vaulted ceilings and bamboo floor.

Medicine hat recently tried a housing-first strategy to reduce homelessness and it has paid off huge. Turns out people do much better when they’re allowed to have their own safe home space to make their life changes in that they want to make.

We try to take our cues from this power of home. We realize that your home is your largest capital investment. It’s a place to let your guard down, relax and truly be yourself. We want to provide a healthy and comfortable environment by building a truly custom home that reflects you.

One of the best compliments we ever received was our siding crew telling us that the house they were working on looked like the client we were building for. The home we designed and built with our client was so accurately reflecting his personality that even the subtrades working on the site knew they went together.

Photo Credit: Pixel Perfect Photography
This modern design “looks like the owner”.

Building a healthier home requires a holistic approach. It requires getting to know our clients, and designing a better refuge with them. A healthier home leads to a healthier community. Whether you need low-allergen products, are interested in reducing your carbon footprint, want to insulate yourself against rising hydro fees, or you’re looking for a home that just feels right to come home to, come talk to us. We’d love to show you how the Dueck Builders process makes for a better tomorrow for everyone.