“I didn’t punch him or hit him” is a line I’m hearing more and more. I parent an awesome 3 year old and a fantastic one year old. Jaxon is starting to get into Henry’s hair a little more often lately. Suddenly he’s no longer the perfect little brother, and he’s capable of wanting to play with Sky, Zuma, Chase and Marshall too (Paw Patrol for those of you who aren’t parents, or uncles/aunts, or involved with 2-7 year olds in any capacity at all). So we hear a THUD and come running in to Henry listing the things he didn’t do.

It may be easy for a short time to keep straight what you are and aren’t telling your parents when you’re three. But once you are running a project management business, and running multiple projects at once, balancing all the truths you tell and the ones you don’t would get a little daunting.

We had a phone call from a client today who is building another project and he called us to consult on it a bit. He mentioned how happy he was with his choice to have us build his house. He expressed appreciation for always getting good conversation and answers. Not half truths, or answers where he suspected more was hidden than what was told.

The easiest base to build a project on is honest communication. It’s far easier to tell or admit hard truths than it is to balance which truths get told, and which don’t. We’ve found a simple “I forgot to schedule the mudder”, goes further than “he is busy on other projects”. It allows for a relationship of trust, and that allows for honest input in decisions (no, you’ll regret not insulating your basement floor better), which provides a far better finished product.

There are a variety of reasons our clients choose us. One such reason is they do want our professional opinion, specifically as it relates to energy efficiency or sustainable building. They want to have a clear, honest and fun experience building a relationship and a home with us. We count ourselves lucky, and we hope that through this honest relationship, our customers are also able to say they were lucky to build with us.