Allow me for one day to pump our tires for a while. Dueck Builders has recently won the Top Choice Award for Winnipeg Home Builders. This excites me for a couple reasons. It means that throughout our builds we’ve made friends. Friends that will take time to support us and vote for us. This is humbling.

Secondly I just finished listening to the podcast “Pale Blue Dot” today. I draw inspiration for this blog post from that podcast. The feature picture here is commonly known as Earthrise. I picked this picture because when astronauts see this pale blue arc floating in the middle of vast nothingness they experience the “Overview Effect”. This is a sudden awareness of how interconnected and small we all are.

When we realize how co-dependent and interconnected we are, how can we not have an increased awareness of planetary health? So for Dueck Homes promoting eco-friendly building, and sustainable development is a dream come true. It’s a huge way we as a city, and we as a community of subtrades, friends, and the Dueck Builders Family (we refer to our past clients this way) can actively get involved in protecting our beautiful home. It’s something we all can aspire to!

Let’s all band together regardless of economic position, national location and political affiliation and find ways to thrive with our planet. We’re excited to see how we can help 2018 be the best year for our community and our tiny little planet.

There are so many practical ways to help out. Let’s use LED lighting, let’s maintain our furnaces, use clean furnace filters. Let’s make sure when we do new construction that we find the best ways to further sustainable lives for ourselves. No challenge too big, no action too small!