Good morning all!

How many of you have woken up cold on a winter night? In my case, that would be a great thing, I love the room cold. In my wife’s case that would be a bad start to a rough day! And if the problem is the furnace not doing what it was supposed to do, then we’re both in for some trouble! The key is to recognize the problem and address it before you’re left with chattering teeth and a shivering spouse. We know furnace replacement can be expensive. But if done on time and on your pace, it won’t be as stressful and you’ll get to enjoy lowered energy bills right away. Let’s diagnose your furnace.

  • Is your furnace older than 15 years old?

Typical furnace lifespans vary from about 15-20 years. Once you reach that age be prepared for more repairs and the eventual bucket kicking.

  • Has your heating bill over the last couple winters been increasing?

If you aren’t in the habit of tracking your utility expenses we do recommend that. It’s a great way to monitor the efficiency of your equipment. It also is a very important aspect of your home ownership cost. More on that in another blog!

  • Has your furnace needed extra love and attention the past couple years?

If you’ve noticed your repair bills are starting to increase it may be a sign that the furnace is preparing itself for retirement.

  • Is the flame on your furnace yellow?

A good healthy furnace should have a blue flame burning. If it’s burning yellow it could be an indication your furnace is producing carbon monoxide. (other things to check for would be absence of upward draft in chimney, soot around furnace, excess moisture on walls, cold surfaces and windows/doors).

  • Is the general operation of the furnace changing?

Are you hearing strange noises like rattling, banging or popping? Is the furnace not evenly distributing heat anymore? If the blower fan is quitting it won’t be able to push heat as effectively or as far as it used to.

As we’re heading into fall keep your eye open for some of these signs. The more yes’s you have above the more important to start considering some options. Regular maintenance especially on gas furnaces is a good idea anyhow. It can help prevent carbon monoxide hazards and extend its life. You want to make sure you have proper airflow near your furnace and remember where your shut offs are. If you’re looking to schedule a check-up or a consultation for a new furnace get in touch with us. We’d love to help you out! Your furnace plays an important role in your enjoyment of Netflix this winter. Make sure you treat it well!