Good afternoon Friends!

Today I’m writing a quick blurb on reviews. Growing companies like ours sometimes struggle to find credibility. These days it is super easy to find companies but how do you determine the reputable ones?

I want to propose two of the easiest methods. First, is obvious. Word of mouth. Listen to what friends and family say and recommend. That way you know it is a first hand experience being conveyed to you. This is trustworthy and valuable information.

Option 2 applies in the frequent scenario that friends or family haven’t used a product similar to what you’re looking for, or if the product they got isn’t what you were looking for. Option 2 is vetting online. Often the first thing you look for there is reviews. Whether through Facebook or Google or other trusted third party websites you look for people sharing their experience.

Growing companies benefit tremendously from people taking a short five minutes to google the company they like interacting with, and leaving a short review. It shows other potential customers a bit about what doing business with the perspective company could look like.

I’m going to make it a bit easier for you to give us a review. If you’ve been enjoying the blog, or if you’ve built with us in the past, please take a couple minutes and write up a short paragraph about your experience with us by clicking here. Let us know what you like about our community! We really do appreciate it!