Hi Friends!

Today we’re going to go over a little product that I’m very happy I bought. Recently I purchased the Airthings Wave to monitor the radon levels in my own house. I will assure you this is one of the best things I’ve invested in.

When you get it out of the box it comes with an easy to use magnetic mounting plate. You simply screw the plate into the wall wherever you want to mount the unit (According Kelly Gosselin of FloPro Radon Solutions, a local expert, you should place the unit about 5′ off the floor in any rooms used more than 4 hours a day). The beauty of these units is that you’re able to change the location after two weeks and monitor a different room with these units.

Now these units will very accurately track and graph radon for up to one year in any given location (they zero when you tell the unit you moved it). As you can tell in the picture below I have moved my detector to a new basement location about three weeks ago. From there my radon levels have fluctuated a bit, but have remained fairly good. I would still recommend addressing the issue. Screenshot_20180208-114415

The device is linked via bluetooth to my phone. So when I’m in the house with bluetooth on the app will automatically sync and get the revised numbers. Your Wave will also detect and track humidity and temperature and transmit that information to your phone as well.

All in all for $250 I’m glad I have this unit that detects levels of radon in my house. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and to be armed with the knowledge of what levels in your house are is critical. The advantage to a unit like this is as radon levels change (which you can tell they do overtime in the above graph) you’re able to continually track them throughout your life in your home. Disposable test kits (like the one below), while significantly cheaper, are limited in lifetime and thereby their overall usefulness. If you have questions about radon, please talk to us or a certified radon expert to ensure health and safety in your home. Disposable Radon detector