Good morning all!

Lately the topic of Thanksgiving and thankfulness have been on my mind for some strange reason. Something about the fall weather? Something about my neighbour baking a pumpkin pie for me? I’m not quite sure.

In the spirit of the season I’d like to post what I’m thankful for. I’m thankful first for my family. We have stayed safe and healthy this past year and have grown by one. I’m very thankful! In the context of the hurricane’s and the shootings that have dominated the news, I’ve been reminded how good I have life.


I’m thankful for our amazing country. This isn’t a carte blanche condoning of everything we do as a nation, or every step our leaders take, but it’s a genuine appreciation of a country that is trying. It’s not saying we have everything right, far from it, we have a long way to go. But I’m thankful that we live in a country that values taking care of each other.

I’m thankful for the clients we’ve had this past year and the clients we are working with moving forward. The ones who challenge us, the ones who laugh with us, the ones who build a future with us. I’m thankful for the value our clients add to our personal and corporate life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!