It’s a new year! Another opportunity to start over with a clean slate. Have you kept your resolutions so far? This year I made two resolutions. 1) Starting with 3 reps of 10 pushups per day I will add five pushups to the reps every month. Meaning in December I should be doing 3 sets of 65 pushups everyday. I tried this one last year and made it till June, here’s hoping I do better this year!

Resolution 2 is to simply be more childish. My three year old has taught me a lot here. Taught me not to fret the small stuff. Forget the sad things as quick as possible and milk every opportunity to be happy for the most you can. His delight in the simple things inspires me to be a happier and more content person.

Henry 3

So whether you’ve made a resolution and kept it, or haven’t kept it, or maybe you’ve made no resolution let’s all agree this year to be a simpler community. Let’s enjoy as much as we can, while ignoring as much bad as we can. Let’s all be a little more childish!

Henry 2