How can Dueck Builders help to design  and built the home that is best for you?

The design / build journey can be a confusing one. There are so many choices and no clear-cut answer to questions such as: what is the best siding, or flooring, or window option. All these options come with trade offs. Fiberglass windows, for example, typically last longer but cost more. A gas furnace may cost less to operate in the short term, but may in the long run be more costly. 

As  in the rest of life, there’s seldom anything that’s always good, or always bad. The choices you end up making should depend on what is best for your particular situation. For example, the best furnace depends on what your budget is, how conscious you are of your carbon footprint, and what your heating load is. To be able to decide what is best for you,  you will need  a guide who is familiar with the options and able to direct you to the option that is best for you.  You will need someone who will consider your budget, your lifestyle, your convictions, and your wants. All aspects of who you are need to be considered and planned for in the design of your home. 

Your best home will be different than mine. You may care more about waste reduction than fiscal savings, you may care more about carbon footprint than operating costs. There are many different considerations and a plethora of options to address all of them, and it can be difficult to make those decisions alone. We have the experience to help you find your best home. Come talk to us.