Good morning all,

Today we’re going to talk about something that’s been a re-occurring theme throughout my life right now. That topic is what is “best”? How does Dueck Builders design the “best” homes?

Firstly best is difficult. There is no clear-cut best siding or flooring or window option. All these things come with trade offs. Fibreglass windows typically last longer but cost more. Performance is arguably better, though in reality we’ve wrestled with the batches we’ve used to ensure air-tight results. The best furnace depends on what your budget is, how conscious you are of your carbon footprint, and what your heating load is. Just like in life, there’s seldom anything that’s always good, or always bad. There are sliders that depend on situational variables.

As with most components of home building, you need an educated and well versed adviser to help you figure out what the “best” system is. You need someone who will consider your budget, your lifestyle, your convictions and your wants, and will be able to combine that with a breadth of knowledge on available home options for the best system possible.

You see your best home, will be different than mine. You may care more about waste reduction than fiscal savings, you may care more about carbon footprint than operating costs. There are many different considerations and a plethora of options to address all of them, and it can be difficult to make those decisions alone. We want to be there to help consult. Please come ask us how you can have the BEST home possible!