And we’re done! The renovations are finished (except for the a/c, a bit of ductwork, a garage door opening, a rod for the main closet, and a few other odds and ends). But we are moved in (except for my tool room needs organizing, the garage needs organizing and the boxes in the basement that weren’t opened in our last house still aren’t opened). But it feels like home!

We had some water issues, but thanks to some very good plumbers we are getting that dealt with. We have a leak in the basement (minor ish), and our water shut off doesn’t work, so we had to get the city to shut the water off at the line, and their valve also didn’t work, so they had to replace that. But sometime this week we’ll get some cold water to our sink, dishwasher and fridge!

The move went really well thanks to lots of generous help from both of our families! We’ve gone for a few walks in our charming new neighbourhood, and here are some after pictures. If you have renovation questions, please ask! I’ve been through it 😉

PS We’re loving our proper height kitchen cabinets! Please take the time during your kitchen renovation to get proper height kitchen cabinets! Makes a huge difference on your life! My back feels so much better washing dishes!