Good Morning all!

Yesterday we talked about a few advantages and disadvantages of rural living. Today we’re going to try digging into a few pros and cons of building your custom home in city limits. Again I don’t expect this to be an exhaustive list, but rather a simple list of observations from a Winnipeg home builder’s perspective.


  • Ease of logistics. From a builder’s perspective there are more suppliers within closer proximity. Always translates to a more stress free build and generally easier to have project manager on site more often.
  • More architectural restraints. This could be a positive or a negative depending on which subdivision/neighbourhood you choose to build in. It is nice to have a protected investment and know your neighbour won’t put up a 700 sqft shack next to your forever home.
  • Opportunity for in-fill housing in character neighbourhoods. Usually meaning walking distance to more amenities.
  • Availability of more utilities. Not all country lots will have gas, water or sewer.


  • Typically a less predictable permit path. There are far more clerks, inspectors, and technicians in Winnipeg. This can lend itself to unpredictable if not contradictory inspections, details required, and approval methods. Usually takes longer to get a permit as well.
  • Typically less room on the building site for staging materials and equipment.
  • Depending on location and timeline the impact fees could affect you. They will apply to all areas in the city except in-fill housing within 2-3 years if the city gets its way.

These are just a few more angles to thing about when deciding where you want your home built. Come talk to Dueck Homes to see how you can mitigate some of the disadvantages on either side during the process of your next build.