I’m sure you’ve heard the stories before. The ones about subcontractors not getting paid, or work being done unsatisfactorily. You maybe have heard about people bragging how they took advantage of a subcontractor. Unfortunately these conversations are not uncommon in business. There’s a mentality that you have to look after yourself, because nobody else will.

In 1968 a 17 year old kid (no, not a goat) started a youth culture paper. This became a record selling store, then a record producing business. That brand grew to include jets, vodkas, vineyards, and so on. You may already recognize the brand. Richard Branson said in 2015 “If you look after your staff well, they will look after your customers. Simple.”.

We like to change that saying a bit. We believe that if we look after our subtrades, they’ll look after our customers, and our customers will look after us. This past year I’ve noticed quite a few prime examples of this. Our mudder went above and beyond, not only fixing every mark the customer noticed, but also looking after potential issues he saw to make the home look brand new. Our flooring guys have been amazing at taking care of any potential warranty call. They come to site, and take ownership, letting us know what we can do to make everyone’s job easier. We had a truss booboo through our supplier, and they turned around trusses within a week, despite being squashed from an internal issue that doubled their required output. Our plumbers go above and beyond code by insulating hot water lines, providing input in the design stage, and making sure the plumbing looks neat, even in rough-in stage.

When we’re able to build relationships steeped in trust with both our subtrades and our clients, we are able to deliver a far better final product. Our trades look for ways to take it the extra step, rather than trying to move on as fast as possible, making every effort to maximize profit. We create enjoyable job sites. Yes, we do push them. We have stringent schedules that we push for. But we don’t push them to match our schedule, we push together to hit those deadlines.

Come see what a cohesive home building team can do for your custom home.