Seven years ago I drove a 2006 Mustang (that I was about to crash and then trade for a truck). I didn’t own a house, I was living at home at that point. I had no idea that in one short month True North Sports and Entertainment (TNSE) would make a city changing announcement.


In May of 2011 (TNSE) purchased the Atlanta Thrashers (now the Winnipeg Jets). During the year that followed I got engaged to a beautiful woman, wrote off a motorcycle in an accident, bought a bigger motorcycle, bought a truck and moved to the city. It was a busy year!

Since then I’ve had two fantastic little boys, bought into a socially and environmentally responsible home building business, preached a couple sermons, built a few houses and watched a few hockey games. I’ve lost a few grandma’s, family pets, struggled with health of family and friends and had more sleepless nights than I likely should have.

Yesterday we brought our kids to the Winnipeg Whiteout Street Party. Seeing fans of all backgrounds and ages get together to cheer on the Jets was amazing! And it reminded me that despite some of the issues our city faces, we live in a great city! The camaraderie and excitement on display on a damp zero degree day in the middle of a street, just outside a sold out hockey rink was a reminder of how good we have it.

All that to say, keep it up Winnipeg! Keep working towards being a better community for everyone! We’re not there, we exclude too many, we look down on too many. But let’s channel this passion towards a unified city of inclusion and happiness for all!