Wow what a process! We’ve been spending the last week in the office doing a bit of re-branding. Re-discovering our passion for building, re-tooling our approach to business and dreaming up a new way to be seen by our friends and clients that builds upon what we believe is a very solid base.

Re-branding has been an interesting experience that I think more companies should do more often. We think we listen well to our customers, but this process has made us much more intentional and involved with what our customers and friends think currently about us. It’s challenging, humbling, fun, exciting and encouraging. All feedback from clients is good feedback. It’s been a good conversation, getting to know our followers, them getting to know us, and getting some direction for the future.

When we started redesigning we wanted to keep our igloo. Through the process of feedback and seeing other designs, we realized that people don’t actually see us as the “igloo company” as much as we thought. Our clients know us as us because we’ve built a relationship with them. For that reason we decided to move toward a logo that shows we’re home builders, and one that’s catchy.

One question we asked ourselves is where is the line between sticking out and fitting in? As a Winnipeg Home Builder, how much emphasis do we put on having local elements tied into our logo, how much emphasis do we place on universal appeal vs niche marketing? I suppose there’s no right answer, but probably no wrong question either.

Exciting things coming from us! Get ready for a new face to your friendly old Dueck Homes (and while we’re at it, get ready for the new name, Dueck Builders!)! Happy Hump Day!