Good morning!

A few months back (feels like years since winter started!) we did a little blog post on winterizing your home. It got a whole bunch of views so we decided let’s do one now to prepare for summer! So for those of you who are as optimistic as I am that summer is actually coming, and we don’t live in Narnia, here are some tips for getting ready for that day!

  1. Check your detectors. 

This one is a bit of a cheap one. This isn’t technically summer related, but it’s important to check those suckers a couple times a year. As I write this I remember the 9 volt battery I have to replace. Make sure your alarms are hardwired.

2.  Inspect/Service your A/C

If it has been a while since the ol thing got some attention, now would be a great time! You don’t want it going in mid-August when all the technicians are backed up!

 3.  Install the clothesline!

Hanging laundry to dry is brilliant. It saves energy by not requiring use of the dryer, which also saves cash. And at the end of the day, nothing smells better than sun-dried clothes!

4.  Examine and treat exposed wood.

Check your deck, siding, trim or railings for wear. Check to ensure they are properly sealed still (do this by pouring a bit of water on the item in question, if it beads up you’re laughing. Otherwise consider sanding and re-sealing your exposed wood).

 5. Test the sump pump

Tis the season to have spring thawing of all the frozen precipitation that’s accumulated over the past 5 months. Make sure trusty sump pump is up to the task of pumping out the water that accumulates at the base of your house before it gets inside.

 6.  Do the regular maintenance according to your maintenance plan.

So technically number 1 should’ve fallen under this, but it was so important I wanted it to be listed separate. Doesn’t matter how efficient your house is if it’s unsafe! Other things could be furnace filter, eaves cleaning, window cleaning, water leak checks (specifically outdoor taps if you don’t have shut offs or frost free hydrants), etc. The important thing is you do the scheduled maintenance you’ve decided you’d do.

There’s a few quick suggestions to get the summer maintenance started. Ultimately a home is something that requires maintenance, and the more faithfully you can do it, the longer it will efficiently serve you. Efficiency is good for the environment and for your pocketbook!